Satisfied Customers

I recently refinanced my mortgage and FTG provided the settlement services. Not only did FTG provide a problem-free, efficient and seamless experience, they were extremely pleasant and customer focused. Every aspect of their services was directed towards making the process not just hassle-free, but pleasant. This is the first time in 30 years of real estate transactions where I not only remember my settlement company but I will enthusiastically endorse them and will insist on using them in the future!

Frank Eichorn
Refinance Client

Being previously in the mortgage business and now an agent over the last 4 years, I have had nothing but good experiences working with Frederick Title Group. Their entire team has a strong work ethic and is so diligent in doing what needs to be done to get each deal to closing. I appreciate the invaluable services they provide and recommend FTG highly!

Cindy Grimes
J&B Realtors, Inc.

I want to commend Frederick Title Group on the overall efficiency of the staff, especially Libby. They are very flexible with scheduling settlement times to meet not only my needs but the needs of my customers as well. The turn around time on the title binders is always fast and efficient. I enjoy working with a company who is so friendly and supportive of my business needs!

Hamid Islam
Mortgage Loan Officer
PNC Mortgage, a division of PNC Bank, NA

With ten years in Real Estate, I can truly say I have experienced settlement and survived settlement. Today, I just experienced my first settlement with Frederick Title and it was GREAT!

Throughout the process, they were extremely friendly, gave very professional advice, and offered creative solutions to issues before they became ‘challenges.’ No matter the item, I was updated more frequently than the Blackberry ESPN app for scores.

Frederick Title provided a calm oasis in a chaotic sea of often-turbulent transaction. Thanks and we will do it again!

Steve Cranford
Turning Point Real Estate

Dear FTG:
A “thank you” is certainly deserved for what my wife and I consider outstanding service and treatment by your staff on October 29 when we settled on a refinance of our home. From the onset, we were graciously greeted by your receptionist and a friendly attitude subsequently prevailed from all individuals we came in contact with. As for settlement itself, it was clearly one of the best we have ever experienced----and we have settled eight times on our lives. It was obvious that she is a settlement expert as well as an individual who is extremely polite and who also possesses a great sense of humor. As far as my wife and I are concerned, the “professionalism” was coined exclusively for a person like Katrina. Your firm can indeed take credit for having people like her on staff.

Richard P. Cheney
(not the Vice President)